Think Google, MTV, and Forbes – remarkably, our client AES Accommodation & Events have worked with them all.

A visit to Cannes in the South of France should boast incontestable luxury, and this is exactly what AES provides for its guests. The company owns stunning five-star apartments and villas across the region, and hosts events for celebrities and renowned influencers from various industries.

In the summer of 2018, Neely was set a journalistic assignment by founder and CEO, Chris Maughan to explore the culture in Cannes and promote it as a “hot-spot” for ambitious business owners.

During her four-day research trip, Neely reviewed various restaurants, coffee shops, researched hotels, transportation links (including a cheeky trip to Monaco!) and had the opportunity to interview Chris Maughan himself.

The assignment was to explore the culture in Cannes and promote it as a hot-spot for ambitious business owners

The result has been a value-packed 20,000-word travel publication titled, “You Can inCannes” about life in Cannes and why business owners across the world should consider it as their next long-term destination. We’re aiming to share this piece both in digital and print format (designed by our fabulous in-house team) so that more people can learn what the South of France has to offer.

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